Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Fonts?

There are more than 9,000 free fonts available online that designers and visual artists can use for their work. But, if you are a graphic designer or a well-established visual artist, you must refrain from using free fonts available on the internet. Below are some reasons why one should not use free fonts.

• Causes Malware and Malfunction to Your Webpages
In this world, nothing comes for free. If you are using free fonts, you must be aware of the potential threats and malware malfunction caused due to them. Many free fonts contain ads and viruses. Hence, when a user shows up on your website, the user sees multiple pop-ups and plugins from various unverified sources. These factors impact your website’s performance and make the user feel unattended.

• Dents Your Public Image
If your client is paying you a substantial amount, then why opt for the free fonts? If you are a leading designer in the online market, you must use paid fonts for your work. Whenever your client gets to know about free fonts and their future consequences, he might stop paying you and end the long-term contracts with you. It is imperative to use paid fonts for your work to make it more valuable.

• Free Fonts Are Only for Personal Use
As a designer, you must remember that free fonts are only for your personal use. The free fonts’ license agreement clearly states that these are for personal use only, and they cannot be used for web pages and international marketing campaigns. There is a high risk in using these free fonts for commercial purposes, as your website and social media posts might get banned over copyright claims.

• Free Fonts Are Not 100% Genuine
When you download a free version of fonts available on the internet, you do not get the exact font and their typefaces. Hence, you only download a replicated and manipulated font, which is partially different from the one available at a genuine price.

Final Thoughts
It is advisable to use premium paid fonts that are one hundred percent genuine and do not possess any malware threats to your website. Moreover, using paid fonts is always beneficial for your project in the longer run.

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