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A while back I was at an event standing outside with a few people, just having your run-of-the-mill conversations while enjoying the evening.  while I was talking, I overhear this gentleman’s comment, “any idiot with a computer these days can design a cool business card”. as a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience, I felt it was my responsibility to speak up for all of us dedicated designers around the world.

as I approached the gentlemen I started to hear, “I have a PC that came preloaded with Microsoft word. I just laid out my card and sent it to a printer and they printed 500 cards for me”. of course, I was laughing inside as I approached the circle that this gentleman was in the middle of.

as politely as I could, I asked if I could weigh in on this conversation and unfortunately, it lasted for over an hour, but I think that after, this gentleman had a greater appreciation for designers around the world. I started by telling him that it is great to hear that a person that does not do graphic design work, took it on his own to create something that he was proud of, the second I had to weigh in that, even though Word is a great tool, that it is just that… a tool, but it is a tool for making spreadsheets, letterheads and basic layouts. it is not considered a design program.

third and last (this took the most time). I explained to him that there is much more than just slapping a photo on a template made by word with some simple text and calling it a design, as a designer we have to think about how the layout will look the best, what sort of font style we should use that is consistent with that business… and so on and so on. I finally finished up with the comment that he made about “how any idiot can be a designer”… this is where I blew his mind. I asked him.. “is this how you learned to design your cards?”  he didn’t say anything. I noticed the clothing he was wearing and I asked him. “so by going online can you tell me how that shirt was printed, what type of ink was used, what type of artwork was needed to create the design?”  the ink was bright neon orange and so I asked him, “do you know what PMS color that ink is and why they had to use PMS ink?” when your cards were printed, did they use a card stock, where the cards aq or uv coated, did you have the option for spot UV, was your photo that you used CMYK and 300dpi?

all of this left him speechless and as I was about to walk away, I turned to him and said, “this is why I have been doing design work for over 15 years and never make comments about how easy it is to hang drywall for a commercial building”… he works in construction.

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