Products That Help In Everyday Use! Products that are useful every day while creating style. Project Description When the manufacturer contacted us we had no idea that we would be working on the product packaging for a worldwide known brand. It was an honor to help keep their brand consistent on the packaging for the newly released lighting products. Through constant communication as well as strong brand guidelines we were

Great Things Do Come in Small Packages! This gummy sleep aid will have you counting sheep in less than hour. Project Description New the brand Talking Gummies recently reached out to us to create a unique and fun branding for their new line of CBN products: Talking Gummies. They wanted to target a younger audience that is having trouble with getting a good night’s rest for those long days in

Powerful product with a power packed packaging design! Freedom Iron is the little sister to its big brother that was introduced in 2019. Project Description The name of the product is how we also approached the design of the packaging… Freedom! We want the buyer to not only have all of the details when they first picked up the packing in the store but also the freedom to see and

Powerful branding with stunning marketing capabilities! Heat Pipe Technologies is the innovated leader in energy recovery and dehumidification systems. Project Description Sprinkles & Paws was created to bring healthy and delicious powders and treats for your pets and they needed a powerhouse design for their packaging to help in a market that is flooded with similar products but that don’t meet the standards that Sprinkles and Paws have! With the

A Variety of Soft Drinks That Will Quench Your Thirst! This company is taking the beverage world to a whole new level. Project Description Wallow Beverages, a soft drinks brand proudly based Indian launched this year with a whole new line of trendy and refreshing drinks from the their Ossie line of fruit drinks to their Brixxo Cola and more to come and it was u-nique design studio’s job to

Traditional brand design receives a modern upgrade! Butter Bell crocks are the new way to keep your butter fresh while not having to take it out of the fridge and wait for it to soften. Project Description The L. Tremain Company, founded in 1995, is a privately-held, family run business based in Los Angeles, CA. The company’s main focus is to provide unique and time-honored kitchen tools, gourmet housewares and