A Variety of Soft Drinks That Will Quench Your Thirst!

This company is taking the beverage world to a whole new level.

Project Description

Wallow Beverages, a soft drinks brand proudly based Indian launched this year with a whole new line of trendy and refreshing drinks from the their Ossie line of fruit drinks to their Brixxo Cola and more to come and it was u-nique design studio’s job to create the branding and packaging for their complete line up.

The owner decided to reach out overseas to us after seeing other beverage packaging and entrusted us that we would deliver to their target audience! Having to work using Zoom and basic communications during the pandemic is hard, but having to show our overseas clients that they can trust us while not being able to come in and see the concepts or sit in on a brainstorming session made this project a true challenge.

The focus was not just to create a creative and unique design for each product but to instead make sure that while creating each product that we still kept a consistent brand design that the consumer would notice so that they could trust that if they were choosing a cola, fruit drink or caffeinated product that they are still getting the same great quality of product in each bottle!

Project Details

  • Client

    Aronia Plus

  • Skills

    •  Design
    •  Logo
    •  Branding
    •  Packaging
    •  Illustration