Great Things Do Come in Small Packages!

This gummy sleep aid will have you counting sheep in less than hour.

Project Description

New the brand Talking Gummies recently reached out to us to create a unique and fun branding for their new line of CBN products: Talking Gummies. They wanted to target a younger audience that is having trouble with getting a good night’s rest for those long days in college or their new job.

The key to developing the right packaging was making sure that we created something more hip and fun while also keeping it as modern as possible so that they could hit the market with a wide target audience. The strong notes of purples and pinks was also to give a more universal effect to help promote this wonderful sleep aid.

Project Details

  • Client

    Talking Gummies

  • Skills

    •  Logo
    •  Branding
    •  Packaging
    •  Illustration