Powerful product with a power packed packaging design!

Freedom Iron is the little sister to its big brother that was introduced in 2019.

Project Description

The name of the product is how we also approached the design of the packaging… Freedom! We want the buyer to not only have all of the details when they first picked up the packing in the store but also the freedom to see and feel the product before the got home and took it out of its wrapper.

In this day and age buyers will spend more time and more money if they can see and feel the product over a just see a picture of it. So in the design process we made sure to create a package that showed the power of such a small device and then put in on display right there in the store keeping the buyer from just walking past the product. With the design we took a raw mechanical power feel to the design to show how mighty the product is with being so small.

Project Details

  • Client

    Freedom Iron

  • Skills

    • ¬†Packaging
    • ¬†Creative Design
    • ¬†Photoshop