Powerful fitness gym with powerful marketing capabilities!

Svetness fitness is leading the way in personal in-home training and fitness.

Project Description

If your going to offer a service that is geared to clients wanting to get fit in their living room then why not do it with a direct mailer! That is what we told our client when asked how we would take the approach of getting the name Svtness to their audiences that have never heard of them.

We took a 3-tier approach to the marketing and mailing, working with the print house to make sure that once the first mailer reached the new clients that when the second and third mailers reached them that they wouldn’t throw them in trash for fear that they miss out on the great deals that were being offered. We took a “in your face” power design to each card so that we gave the reader a more uplifting feeling to fitness and that they could approach Svtness with no judgements and know that they were getting focused one-on-one training.

Project Details

  • Client

    Svetness Fitness

  • Skills

    •  Design
    •  Marketing
    •  Direct Mail
    •  Photoshop