Accounting services with a full suite of business solutions!

From tax preparation and planning to a full suite of business solutions this firm takes a proactive role in helping a business grow.

Project Description

After being in business for a long time Kanter & Associate, P.A. felt it was time for a brand refresher. Welcome now to Kanter Consulting Group. A full CPA account firm with a staff of highly trained advisors that also works with their other company Kanter Financial Forensics, a team of paralegals providing account forensics for your business.

The challenge we faced with both KCG and KFF was that they wanted a brand that spoke to two different amenities under one full service! They also wanted the brand to have distinguished and modern look that was consistent across both services while emphasizing their key company goal for each client which is to: THRIVE. They came to us with the challenge, “We want a modern and key brand that speaks of both KCG and KFF while keeping a similar design and instilling the company goal “THRIVE” in to the design!” that Eric Benke from Kanter had explained to us.

After many concepts back and fourth and many brainstorming sessions you always feel that great joy inside of you when your client says, “That’s it! it was in front of my face the whole time and never saw it”.

This came the birth of a logo that not only encompasses multiple service under one branded look but also speaks of the companies goals with the design.

Project Details

  • Client

    Kanter Consulting Group

  • Skills

    •  Design
    •  Logo
    •  Branding
    •  Illustration
    •  Conceptual Design